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Vote Chris May back on INK MASTER!

Hey friends! Chris may here. As you know I was eliminated from Ink Master half way through, I feel like a shithead due to the fact that I let unjust stress rule my game. You guys know me, I can tattoo like a nobodys business! Well it turns out you can vote all week to bring my ass back. Click the link below and find my picture, click it and vote! Do it often! Turn your cookies off of the browser, reload the page and vote the shit outta that thing! If I get enough votes I get to tattoo whatever I want LIVE on the finale. Help a brother out, vote often, tell yer friends! I love ya!

Visit Chris May’s Ink Master profile!image

Cool Chris May interview

Web store is up!

Proton/Raucous web store is half-ass up! Go buy stuff for your Grandma!

Awesome fun Chris May interview. With kittens!

Meet your master! Me!

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Christopher walken by Chris May!



Ink Master Season 3 Cast Photo

New Proton Shirts are on the way!

New shirts and stickers available in about 10 days! I am excited and so are you! Check out these sweet designs!protonboarshirt



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